I'm a portrait photographer and I own a full-service boutique studio in West Fargo, ND specializing in beauty, boudoir, personal branding, families & generations. I believe that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful.

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Phone: (701) 491-8204

Felicia’s Session

Felicia’s transformation began with becoming a member of Profile by Sanford.┬áRead their own words below. When she contacted me about doing a photo shoot, I couldn’t wait to meet her! My heart sings when women love and accept themselves and want to memorialize their milestones with a photo shoot. Even if I play the smallest role in changing their mindset, my job is done. Felicia, you’re an amazing woman with the world at your feet! You’re going to SOAR, girl!

“Felicia has been a member with Profile in West Fargo since August 20th. She has shown tremendous perseverance and growth on her health and wellness journey! Felicia is an inspiring role model for those around her. We are so proud of her progress and dedication she has continued to show throughout her journey with Profile!”

Photographer: Bethany Johs
Hair & Makeup: Ashley Rose Delorme
Creative Assistant: Sha-Ree Mason